While in California to see my granddaughter Kaitlynn's high school graduation, we stopped by ViaSat Inc. ViaSat is the parent company of Exede. Their world headquarters is located at  6155 El Camino Real in Carlsbad, CA. We stopped by on Memorial Day, May 29th. They were closed - except for the essential workers - but it was a real treat to see their campus! 

Exede announced that they now offer unlimited internet plans! Click here to see the new plans. Now you don’t have to worry about data limits.

Also, all Exede service plans (except unlimited data service plans) have a new feature that will be introduced by the end of December 2017.  It’s called the Video Data Extender, and it will help you stream more online video using a lot less data. All Exede customers will have this featured automatically enabled between October and December 2017 and we will send you an email right before it is enabled to notify you.

This is where we post news from satellite and related industries, projects that we are working on, pictures of some of our unique and custom installations, etc. We will update this page from time to time so check back to see what's new.

​Mark Jackson, owner of Network Communications and Down To Earth Satellite in Cape Girardeau, MO attended a ViaSat|Exede corporate meeting In St. Louis in August. Speakers included ViaSat’s Director of Sales Operations and Support, ViaSat’s Area Sales Manager, supporting distributors and associated vendors as well as approximately 50 dealers from Missouri, Illinois and Iowa. Attendees were informed of the state of satellite internet worldwide and more specifically ViaSat’s current and future plans and offerings.

With the successful launch of ViaSat 2 (VS2) and anticipated start of service in January, residential and business customers will have more options for internet service. VS2 will provide a significant increase in throughput resulting in much faster speeds for customers. Also discussed were new service plans as well as possible uncapped plans.

New offerings include Wi-Fi Hotspots, Managed ISP’s for small to medium Apartment and MDU properties that have historically been unserved or underserved by ISP’s as well as new business plans for mobile offices and businesses located outside of the footprint of the faster, city providers.

Satellite internet is available virtually anywhere and can be deployed quickly. Whether your business needs primary connectivity or a backup for redundancy, this product is for you. ​

Five U.S. commercial radio networks who operate their own satellite systems have now been up and running on the new AMC-18 at 105 degrees West Longitude for several months. The five satellite delivered radio services have been broadcasting from AMC-8 satellite for many years are Learfield, Orbital Media Networks (OMNi), Premiere Networks, Skyview Networks, and Westwood One.  AMC-8 been at 139 degrees West for many years. AMC-8 has exceeded its design life and is not being replaced by an equivalent C-band satellite at the same location.

We  were hired by several mid Illinois and mid Missouri radio stations to repoint their antennas to the new satellite. Because we have been in this business since 1982, we are one of only a few companies that are have the knowledgeable and experience to work on C-Band (real) satellite antennas! Network Communications came through for our customers again! Here are some photo's of a few of the antenna's that we worked on:

Netcom Owner Visits ViaSat Corporate Offices

AMC18 Satellite Repoint Project

We are proud to announce that we are now this area’s authorized dealer for vivint.SmartHome products and services. We attended our distributor’s vivint.SmartHome meeting in St. Louis in September to learn about Vivint security and home automation offers and plans. We will have a live operating system installed in mid-November to show our customers how the system works. Here’s a link to our Vivint web page for more information.

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Speaking of ViaSat - The launch of ViaSat-2 presents new opportunities for ViaSat

ViaSat-2 launched it's new satellite ViaSat-2 on June 1st. ViaSat-2 has more than twice the capacity of ViaSat-1, and it covers 7 times the area — including the Continental U.S., Mexico and Central America, the Caribbean, and air and maritime routes across the Atlantic to Europe. ViaSat-2 will be the highest-capacity communications satellite in the world. Here are some stats:

40 months – design and build time to complete ViaSat-2
$624 million – total cost to build ViaSat-2
15+ years – intended lifespan of satellite
23 miles – Amount of electrical wiring aboard the satellite
14,149 pounds – launch mass of ViaSat-2
158 feet – wingspan of ViaSat-2, including solar arrays
8 kW – Solar array power generated
300 Gbit/s – total data throughput of ViaSat-2
100+ Mbps – expected available download speeds for residential customers
22,236 miles – ViaSat-2’s orbital distance above the Equator
69.9 degrees west longitude – ViaSat-2’s orbital slot location
4 – number of satellites ViaSat currently has in space, including WildBlue1, Anik-F2, ViaSat-1 and ViaSat-2
700,000 – number of households currently serviced by ViaSat residential internet
4 million– Estimated number of households to be serviced at peak of ViaSat-2’s life