In January we purchased Down To Earth Satellite Systems from David Michel. David established Down To Earth in 1985. DTE has been in the same building since its beginning. Dan Frazier is still with us and is taking over the Dish Network line. Dan has been with DTE for over 15 years and will be handling the Dish brand under the company name of Frazier Communications, LLC. Dan will also be helping Netcom with service and installations as well as Netcom's other tech Chad Moore.

Netcom moved our office into the DTE facility when DTE remodeled and moved into a larger office late last year. We are still fine tuning the affiliated companies.

Down To Earth Satellite will be the "hub" and main office for all three companies.

Our combined offices are located at 1028 North Kingshighway. DTE's phone number

is the same so customers can call DTE at 335-0757. Network Communications at

334-2400. Watch for more changes to come later this year!

Welcome to our website.

Network Communications is the oldest satellite retailer in this area. We installed our first satellite system back in 1982! We installed the first DirecTV system in Cape Girardeau county in August 1994. Our first satellite Internet system in 2000. The “other” dealers were probably still in school!

We offer the same national promotions that you see on TV – only we are LOCAL. Why would you call corporate and talk to a salesperson or order taker? We know this business. We haven’t been here for over 35 years by luck. We are your LOCAL professional, one stop satellite dealer. Through the years we have installed 1000’s of dishes. DirecTV, DISH Network, Exede, Spacenet, commercial, residential, RV – whatever your satellite needs, we provide it.

Give us a call. Let us show you why our customers keep coming back as well as recommend us to their friends and relatives.

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Well, we’re flattered! I have noticed that one local dealer has copied – almost word for word – information from my websites. I guess if you can’t beat us, just copy us! We don’t have to copy other companies’ websites or tell you that we're the king or how great we are or that we’re #1. Our customers know that we provide quality, professional service. They know that we'll do it right - the first time. We've been doing it since 1982! Oh, and we don't litter the roadside with those yard signs like they do. (That's one thing they aren't copying us on) It’s illegal to put objects or signs on state, county and city roadways with only a few exceptions. Our customer’s know that. We know that. Maybe it's time to tell them...

When we’re not installing new customers, or designing custom installations, we’re out “cleaning up” other dealer’s (and corporate’s fulfillment installers’) mistakes and poor installations. You should see some of the installations that these “technicians” do. I’m thinking about putting pictures of some of their work on this site...

So if you want LOCAL, professional, knowledgeable, experienced technicians give us a call. Maybe we’re #1, maybe we’re not. We don’t have to try to impress you with catchy sayings or fast talk. Give us a call. We’ll answer your questions without being pushy and provide you with the best service and advice possible. Call today. Let's talk.

The area's oldest Exede dealer, we specialize in custom installations - residential or commercial.

Whether residential or business we have a DirecTV plan for you. Same national promotions - Local service and support.

Here we grow again!

Private Cable

We are this areas oldest Private Cable Provider. Nursing Home, RV Park, Hospital, Hotel, Apartments are all ...

We are committed to providing our customers with the best customer experience in addition to expert satellite services. Custom and roof installations are our specialty. No one does it quite like Network Communications, so give us a call and see how we have managed to cultivate our reputation... Since 1982 and still growing!

Residential - Business - Apartments - Hotels - Motels - Hospitals 

Nursing Homes - RV Parks - Restaurants - Office

Custom Installations

We design and install custom TV and Internet projects. Tell us your situation and need, we'll design a workable solution.